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Automatic Oil Hydraulic Pressure RFID Card Lamintor

C-9  3Steps


Model                              C-9 3Steps Automatic Oil Hydraulic Pressure RFID Card Laminator

Control System                 Microcomputer + Inside Oil Hydraulic Pressure System

Voltage                             220V/380V   50/60Hz

Power                               4.5KW

Pressure System              Automatic Oil Hydraulic Pressure(can be changed)

Pressure Range               0-25MPa

Working Pressure            12MPa0.1MPa

Temperature Range         O-400

Working Temperature       90-110

Time Range                      0-999 Seconds

Cycle time                         6minutes

Opening Height                 45mm

Lamination Size                 A4(220mm*310mm)

Work Efficiency                 950pcs cards per hour

Lamination Opening         1openings for heating   1 opening for cooling

Lamination Layers            1-24layers

Cooling System                 Automatic water and air cooling

Packing Size                     860mm580mm*1480mm

Weight                              415KG

Power Consumption         Total 5KW     0.8 kwh electricity each hour